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The Great Reset

Dear community,

Every year, our team takes a pause during the summer months. This started as an experiment in human and business renewal and it has proven to be a game-changing practice for us.

This year’s pause holds a more profound significance.

We are in a truly historic, species-defining moment. Five major forces are calling us to reshape our vision of our human future:

  • An existential pandemic threat

  • A socially-redefining racial justice movement

  • An economic system at the brink of collapse

  • An environmental crisis threatening our survival

  • The birthing of AI and robotics that will profoundly reshape the future of humankind, business, and society

Everything is at stake. How we face Covid-19, and our AI future, will deeply alter the course of humanity.


Even more so than a wise leadership practice, this year’s pause to us also feels like an ETHICAL OBLIGATION.

An obligation to ourselves — to ensure we can play in the long-game of reimagining business and humanity in the age of AI.

An obligation to our team — to spend meaningful time with their children and loved ones who are so especially reliant on them in this time, and to reflect & recharge.

An obligation to our clients — to become better stewards and visionaries of our potential futures.

And an obligation to all of us — to keep pushing for new visions of business and humanity that will lead to a far more just, equitable, flourishing, and wise society.

In this year’s pause, we can promise you we are doing the deep moral, visionary work necessary to ensure we’ll be ready to lead with more courage, determination, and visionary insight to build anew when we return.

We’ll be back and roaring on September 8th. Until then, we hope you will join us with your own moments of pause, readying yourself to become a better leader for the future of humanity.

With all our love,

Caroline & the HelloHumanity Team

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