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The Future of Humanity and Learning From COVID-19 — a podcast

How is this pandemic prescient of the future challenges we'll be facing in the age of autonomous and intelligent machines? Take a listen to the latest podcast where our Founder and CEO, Caroline Chubb Calderon speaks with Mark Fallows of the Impossible Network about the great shifts that are at play.

They discuss:

1. What the virus is telling us about the future role of economies, work, leadership, and humanity, and how we must prepare ourselves for a world of exponential disruption and uncertainty 2. The parallels between Covid-19 and AI, what this time is challenging us to do, and how leaders need to put greater emphasis on existential crisis mitigation

3. What change cycle we are in, and how we must move from the "big squeeze" to "the reckoning."

4. Why we must all focus on developing the uniquely human capabilities of courage, social-emotional intelligence, and a new moral imagination to shape a brave new reality

5. The work that needs to be done to ethically usher in a future in an accelerated age of AI, genomics, and robotics.

Caroline argues that the humbling nature of the virus creates an opportunity for a global conversation about the new future we must now be brave enough to create.

Photo credit: Lisa Rayman Goldfarb and The Impossible Network

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