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Join Us to Reimagine Humanity

Our most recent TEDx talk on the purpose of humanity in the age of the machine (And at present, in the face of a pandemic)

A message from the founder of HelloHumanity, Caroline Chubb Calderon

Leaders, this moment of disruption is prophetic. Let's not squander it.

Today, we’re facing monumental repercussions of an exponential virus, COVID-19.

Tomorrow, we’ll be facing the seismic impact of an exponential technology, Artificial Intelligence.

The parallels are profound.

Both are calling us to:

  • Reinvent economic models

  • Deal with mass unemployment

  • Care for the physical and psychological well-being of humanity

  • Shape a new society

To survive both we must:

  • Learn to Lead for the Future of Humanity

  • Reimagine business and human life

  • Prioritize human welfare 

This isn’t a time to contract, react, and weather the storm. This is a time to reimagine.

We built HelloHumanity to prepare leaders with the daring + visionary skills to re-envision the future of business and human life, and to enhance the vital human skills of the future.

This pandemic will eventually subside, but AI will not. In fact, the era of AI has only begun.

Join us to reimagine the future of humanity and please share this message and our TEDx Talk with your colleagues and friends.

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