We prepare leaders 

to be conscious custodians of our world and elevate the qualities of humanity that make us richly and irreplaceably human in the age of AI. 


of work


of life


of humanity

In the age of machines,

          our only advantage

is our humanity

We are investing

in AI. Are we investing

in humanity?

We have the potential to reimagine humanity. AI and robotics will redefine the very nature of business, society and human life. What future for humankind do we want to create? How are we preparing leaders to lead for this radical new future? How are we developing the uniquely human skills that set us apart from machines? 

At HelloHumanity, we are developing thoughtful solutions to prepare leaders with the moral imagination, wisdom, and courage to become inspiring guardians of our world and usher in a technological future that puts long-term human flourishing above short-term profits.


We also believe that this moment calls for a radical reskilling of the deeply and distinctly human abilities that set us apart from intelligent machines – our capacity to create, imagine, inspire, emphasize, reflect, and connect. We call this Human Intelligence (HI) and have developed profound human-development experiences to prepare us for the future of work and life.


If we navigate this time of great human re-imagination well, we may just unlock the true promise of our humanity. The potential for us to show up more human. More creative. More compassionate. More conscious. More connected. More authentic. More intentional. More alive.


We may just meet the best of our humanity.

Join us to reimagine

the future of humanity

Together, we explore new visions of human possibilities
share profound conversations, and inspire each other to become more human in the age of machines.

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with Love + Humanity,

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